ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use Business Process Management (BPM) or workflow software application, which assists organizations, with designing, automating and deploying business processes of various kinds. Customers across industries including manufacturing, telecom, finance, government, healthcare and education, are using ProcessMaker workflow software.

ProcessMaker Features

Process Map Designer

Advanced Debugger

Custom Case List Builder

Inbox Batch Routing

Dynaform Builder

User Management

Case Archive & Restore

ADS Single Sign-On

Output Builder

Web Admin

Reports Plug-in

PM Monitor

Business Rules Engine

Enterprise Search

Service Level Setup

Outlook Connector

Web API Builder

Advanced Dashboards

LDAP / AD Sync

Application Connectors

Typical ProcessMaker Usage

Enterprise BPM

As Enterprise BPM Solution for all functional business processes right from procurement to mfg. to sales.


An independent or integrated Workflow Solution covering all functions of an activity flow within your business.


As an independent audited workflow to address your compliance needs for specific activity or unit of your business.


As a satellite workflow application for integrating quality data in your existing ERP or other enterprise systems.

Market Interface

For processing & qualifying marketing or customer driven data before acquiring it into your ERP or other software.

ProcessMaker Deployment Options

SimbaTech Services

1.   Workflow Management Consulting
2.   BPM Process Gap Analysis Study
3.   BPM Framework Setup and Hosting
4.   BPM Reporting and Workflow Analysis
5.   BPM Customizations and Integrations
6.   BPM Admin and User Training
7.   BPM Maintenance and Support Services


Processmaker is a powerful platform with dozens of features to help you remain organized. You can do so much more by integrating it with other apps you use to automate the tedious tasks in your organization.
Contact SimbaTech to discuss your integration needs!

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