'atmail' is a commercial Linux messaging platform available as a hosted cloud-based email and groupware solution or a premise based option, with a rather sharp focus on its core, the email service.  While individually you may easily opt for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail etc., these interfaces fall short of business expectations in almost any aspect you can think of. You should do yourself a favor, and consider using a service such as atmail cloud.

AtMail Email Server

Deploy - Deploy atmail as a complete messaging solution for your company. Complete POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail-server functionality, Groupware features, Web-based admin, Webmail interface and more. 

Collaborate - atmail provides a complete Calendaring and Groupware platform. Share events, tasks and contacts with other users on the system. Use the Calendar for scheduling, and connect a variety of devices to the Calendar server to sync and share data.

Serve - Full web-based administration  for streamlined mail-server maintenance, and easy API and administration functions to handle user-accounts. All designed with an emphasis on reliability.

AtMail Web Client Feature List

1.     IMAP, IMAPs support
2.     Complete email interface
3.     Web-based Addressbook, Calendar
4.     Full MIME support - Inline attachments, UTF-8 support
5.     Drag and Drop support for emails and contacts
6.     Rich HTML email editor and attachments
7.     PDF thumbnail support for inline attachments
8.     vCard support for Addressbook
9.     Groupware features with CalDAV support
10.   Complete Web-based management, logs, reporting, settings etc.

Typical AtMail Usage

Enterprise Email

As Enterprise Email Solution covering all functional constituents of your business with full anti-virus and spam control.


Businesses may offer Atmail and related sub-administration for clients to establish a small service ecosystem.


Offer campus-wide email accounts to students and staff. Integrate Atmail with your existing applications for collaboration.


Offer enterprise-wide email accounts within your business or your engaged communities with full brand control like logos and domains.

Atmail Cloud - VA Case Study

AtMail Deployment Options

SimbaTech Services

1.     Messaging Management Consulting
2.     Messaging Process Gap Analysis Study
3.     Mail Framework Setup and Hosting
4.     Mail Security and Analytics
5.     Mail Brand Customizations
6.     Mail Admin and User Training
7.     Messaging Maintenance and Support

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