Human beings are natural visual learners, so a quick animated demo gets the point across much more effectively than just words on a page. SimbaTech's services for creating animated learning products can shorten the learning curve by allowing users to learn visually. 

SimbaTech's experienced professionals create compelling e-Learning, simulation, and presentation software complete with narration, animation, and interactivity which transforms static training materials into affordable and engaging e-Learning with a local flavor sensitive to your cultural expressions without any language barriers.

1. Small file size - perfect for viewing on a web site

2. Easy-to-use interface, virtually no training required

3. Clear, high resolution images

4. Streaming Flash format makes it ideal for slow Internet connections

5. Variety of delivery options (web site, Intranet, CD/DVD, laptops or PDAs...)

6. Sound, video, or Flash animation can be included in all courseware or presentations

7. Interactive zones can be integrated into the courseware show me, try me)

8. Incorporate questions with success and failure messages to engage viewers

Content Development Process

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