Eliminate manual paper processing by converting all necessary documents into electronic files. Reduce paper, improve efficiency and cut costs quickly and easily. With SimbaTech document scanning services, your documents are converted to digital images that are electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from your computer or mobile device.

Our Process

1. Digitize Paper Files at Our Place or Yours.
2. Infuse OCR Capability and reduce time for document search with OCR.
3. Kick-Off An Automated Workflow and speed the flow of documents in your organization.
4. Confidently Retrieve Your Scanned Documents with Accurate Indexing.
5. Digitize Hard-To-Read Handwritten Data after manual data-entry.
6. Access your document repository through rules engines and protect your repository.

How it makes your business stronger!

Secure Online Backup

Reduce Errors

Find It Faster

Mobile Access

Cost Control

Drive Efficiency

Collaborate Better

Watch Activity

Stop Repetition

Secure Documents

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