OpenKM is a web base document management application that uses standards and Open Source technologies. It provides full document management capabilities including version control and file history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more.

Some OpenKM Features

1. Web based app. works on all browsers and platforms
2. Fast and friendly ajax interface for productivity
3. Web based admin panel to allow global control
4. Drag and drop documents from desktop to openkm
5. Support for i-phone and android interface
6. Microsoft office add-in for ease of integration
7. OCR which reads binary, gray scale or color images
8. Imap & pop3 email sync with capture of metadata
9. Multiformat barcode capture and extraction
10. Antivirus scan of all uploaded documents
11. Versioning of all uploaded documents
12. Sign (digital signature) documents to OpenKM

13. Scan images, upload to OpenKM, set metadata
14. Version control based on check-in / check-out
15. Full dashboard with doc, email, and workflow views
16. Workflows for serial and parallel processes
17. Manage status of projects related with tasks
18. Full search engine for search on all parameters
19. Support for LDAP, active directory, dbms, etc.
20. Granular access control with control lists
21. Full trace of operations recorded in a database
22. Integrate other apps using web services, CMIS & rest
23. Allows user to use metadata and tags to find documents
24. Preview multiple types of documents in OpenKM itself

Typical OpenKM Usage

Enterprise DMS

As Enterprise DMS Solution collating documents from all functional constituents of your business.


As independent document repository solution for a single department or application.


As a full document based workflow solution for a department or an application.


As an independent repository to address your compliance needs for records management.


As a satellite application for integrating in your existing ERP or other enterprise systems.

OpenKM Deployment Options

SimbaTech Services

1. Document Management Consulting
2. DMS Process Gap Analysis Study
3. DMS Framework Setup and Hosting
4. DMS Reporting and Workflow Analysis
5. DMS Customizations and Integrations
6. DMS Admin and User Training
7. DMS Maintenance and Support Services


OpenKM is a powerful platform with dozens of features to help you remain organized. You can do so much more by integrating it with other apps you use to automate the tedious tasks in your organization.
Contact SimbaTech to discuss your integration needs!

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