Bandwidth Managing Solution

Unmanaged surfing and bandwidth-intensive media downloads by internal users often leave enterprises with insufficient bandwidth for business-critical needs. Antamedia solutions control bandwidth-abuse, allowing you to set and enforce bandwidth restrictions in order to prevent congestion, abuse and bandwidth drain.

Antamedia provides informative bandwidth usage reports so you can easily identify which individuals and groups are high consumption users. Utilizing Antamedia's custom Bandwidth Allocation controls, you can then prohibit access to high bandwidth content. Bandwidth restrictions can be full time or tailored to specific times during the day. In addition, a custom Allow Control List can be defined to override Bandwidth restrictions. Combined, these Antamedia features allow you to deliver a one-two punch to knock-out bandwidth abuse.

Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering Solutions

For businesses that need to control policies for user internet access, we offer Pearl Echo.Suite, a powerful set of applications that are customizable to the specific needs of network administrators.

Pearl Echo.Suite covers it all as it monitors everything from instant messenger use and e-mail and chat functions to end-point web browsing, news sources and the transferring of files. Accidental as well as intentional data leaks and breaches of confidential information are prevented with customizable controls. You may control further with a report manager that shows you all the content that has been written by users in their communications.

You'll be able to generate more than 75 interactive reports, or you can control when they are generated and how they are distributed, according to your specific requirements.

Main Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Activity Time Control

Bandwidth Manager

Host White Lists

Password Setup

Web Access Manager

Access Manager

Manage Traffic Limits

Account Expiration

URL Tracking Reports

Realtime Chat & IM

Echo.Filters Database

Manage Quota Limits

Parametric Auto-logins

Device Connect Log

Email Activity Manager

Enterprise Reports

Fixed MAC Based Login

Internet Sharing (NAT)

IP & Port Filtering

Download Manager

Perpetual License

MAC & IP Whitelist

Multiiple Locations

Customize Restrictions

Pearl Echo.Suite Brief 1

Pearl Echo.Suite Brief 2


With Website.Echo, you can comprehensively manage staff Internet usage and determine website access permissions at group, user and individual levels which are customized based on blacklists and white lists, domain categories, time of use and key word triggers.


Do you need a policy for filtering the web activity of anyone on your network? Would you like one that is easy to apply and that won't make you have to install extra software and hardware to run it? Then Pearl Software's Echo.Cloud.Filter is what you're looking for. 

Typical Usage

Enterprise Control

Reduce bandwidth requirements, log visited URLs, prevent personal Internet use during working hours by limiting access to YouTube, Facebook, and other websites you define. Allow Internet use for unknown users with limited rights, or grant Internet access only to known users in your network.

Service Providers

Internet service providers may easily control Internet use, create separate access rules for known and unknown users, share Internet connection, maintain users and get reports on usage and bandwidth for billing or control purposes. It supports wired and wireless connections and it’s hardware independent.


Be its a WiFi, wireless, wired, cable or satellite connection, our software takes care of the guest Internet control. It records every customer session time, IP, MAC, and URLs visited, and protects your business by preventing access to blacklisted sites. Get reports on usage and bandwidth for billing purposes.


Educational institutions grants students and visitors limited access, usually monthly renewable with daily limitations. Block access to adult websites and redirect them to restricted page, limit bandwidth per user, assign higher speeds to selected users, track usage logs and get real-time statistical reports.

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