About SugarCRM

Organizations use CRM to increase the profitability of their business and to ensure that good customers remain customers forever and the process of acquiring new customers becomes focused and productive.

SugarCRM can improve every aspect of a business from sales and marketing to customer service. And Sugar provides the reporting tools you need to plan effectively, analyze product strengths and weaknesses, and monitor performance.

Not only do sales personnel have greater access to customer data in order to better identify and engage with every prospect, their CRM system guides their path to achieve their quota. With a 360 degree view of the customers and prospects, they get more insight into their activities and are able to generate more predictable revenue streams.

Capture Every Opportunity

Transform your sales with the information you need to put your customers first. Use contextual intelligence for better, faster, and smarter decisions. With Sugar's complete customer view you'll be prepared to engage with each account and enjoy greater sales success.

Drive Personalized Marketing

Enhance your marketing efforts with more customized, relevant information. Sugar's user-first design ensures that you’ll always have the information you need in context to understand your customers, create innovative marketing programs, and measure their commercial effectiveness.

Drive Exceptional Support

Provide exceptional service and support when every team member uses Sugar for rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration. Sugar makes it faster and easier to understand and meet customer needs, whether from a help desk, a call center, or a social media community.

CRM Features

Full Account View

Know your accounts inside and out with latest 360-degree customer history across the extended selling enterprise.

Social Selling

Track key selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM system. Sugar is fully ready.

Full Mobility

Sell anywhere and stay on top of your leads and opportunities and various tasks -- across any mobile device.

Sell Real Time

Sell on time with personalized access to every deal in the pipeline. Track early indicators and stay ahead of forecast.


Sugar comes with a range of integrations right out of the box - messaging systems, Google apps, Box.com etc.


Personalize your market pitch by identifying key segments and prospects with Sugar's reporting engine.

Go Multi-Channel

Track across channels - both digital (email and newsletter) and traditional (trade shows, events, radio ads) campaigns.

Extend Service

Connect to and collaborate with experts in real time across the extended support and technical organization.

Case Manager

Monitor your customer cases centrally, with detailed history of customer requests and alerts for every account.


Decrease support costs by empowering your customers to find solutions and get updates automatically.

CRM Deployment Options

SimbaTech Services

1.   CRM Process Consulting
2.   Sales Process Gap Analysis
3.   CRM Framework Setup and Hosting
4.   CRM Reports and Customization
5.   CRM Integration
6.   CRM Admin & User Training
7.   CRM Support Services


CRM is a powerful application with dozens of features to help you extend your reach and productivity . You can do so much more by integrating it with other apps you use to automate the tedious tasks in your organization.
Contact SimbaTech to discuss your integration needs!

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