Benefits of Open Source

Lower Investments

Open Source adheres to a very non-commercial vibe. Your project will cost much less than commercial software as licensing model is purely service based.

Better IT Practices

Through both open source communities and internal collaboration, your technical team will get a better sense of the overall IT practices, resources and tools out there to best-serve your organization.

Better Quality

Open Source is all about improving technology in real-time with industry's finest talents lending support for the cause and actively engaged in technology development.

Better Focus on Security

No more concerns about open source security. With more and varied talent looking at the code in communities, there are more professionals overseeing the code's integrity than for commercial software. 

Better Control

In the commercial world, vendors dictate timelines, code and budgets. In open source, you modify code to suit your needs, within your budget.

Better Code Stabililty

Your will encounter less bugs and fix them faster. With vast pool of open source community members, bugs are found and fixed early and the available code is much more stable to meet your customization needs.

Ensure Continuity

When a commercial software company stops the product or service, you're out of luck. If any open source leader "leaves" a project or community, others take over.

Welcome Upgrades

You won't be forced to buy version upgrades or software license support fees. Contrary to traditional, commercial software channels, you won't get pressured to invest in upgrades that provide no real value.

The power of Open Source and the response of the application actually surprised us! These applicationss are far better and cheaper than ones we pay so much to expensive software firms ...
CRM UserIT Head
We had a choice to go for expensive software and make employees to adapt to the change. But SimbaTech folks showed us the way to do so at lesser cost with use of Open Source platforms...
After SimbaTech implemented my multi-company ERP on the Open Source Platform, I was really overwhelmed. I can now invest in additional areas without worrying about my ERP budgets!
Through cloud deployment, SimbaTech proved us, how easy it was for us to focus on the application utility more than on issues like server uptime, data backups and other unproductive trivia that we normally do..